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Friday, December 20th is a 12:00 early dismissal day.

This is a teacher inservice day.




School will be closed from Monday December 23rd

through Wednesday, January 1st, for Winter Break.

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Important Information
Parent-Student Handbook (pdf)
2019-20 Student Insurance Coverage
Title I Compact Revised 2018-19
Title I Parent Involvement
Title I SWP News 2019-20 (pdf)
ComputerAcceptableUsePolicy (pdf)
Report Card Handbook (pdf)
Letter from the Superintendent - Enterovirus D68.PDF (pdf)

Community Corner
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December 2019 Newsletter (pdf)
CSC Pre-Kindergarten Program (pdf)
19-20 CHIP Flyer (pdf)
ALICE To Be Implemented In Our Schools (pdf)
Senator Scavello video
Plainfield Reading Program
AHERA Annual Notification-ES (pdf)